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  • Does the ADVANTAGE treatment work on grey hair?
    The treatment works great on grey, silver, white hair, giving the hair a textural change making it softer and more youthful. The only difference between grey or coloured hair is in the application process. As grey hair does not have colour pigments the minerals in the hair can appear during the application stage, giving the hair a greenish tint. This disappears during the final shampoo when the excess minerals are being washed out.
  • Can I have an ADVANTAGE treatment if I am pregnant?
    There are no harmful ingredients in the ADVANTAGE treatment. However, like all claims, they must be scientifically tested with certification. As a brand we do not test products on pregnant women and can therefore not make a categoric safety claim. Once again, there are no harmful ingredients in the ADVANTAGE treatment and it is up to the discretion of the salon and client whether or not to perform or have a treatment when pregnant. All ingredients of the ADVANTAGE treatment are available if you would like to consult with your doctor beforehand.
  • How can I find a salon that offers the ADVANTAGE treatment and stocks the Kebelo ranges?
    From July 2014 you will be able to use the NEW salon finder. For now please enquire at customerservice@kebelo.com or call 029 2132 0101.
  • Can I use other shampoos after and ADVANTAGE treatment?
    We always recommend that you use one of the Kebelo shampoo ranges to maintain and enhance the effects of your ADVANTAGE treatment. ALL our ranges are SLS and Paraben free, formulated with the highest quality ingredients which continue to strengthen and nurture your hair.
  • Does the ADVANTAGE treatment contain formaldehyde?
    No, Kebelo have pioneered carbocysteine technology which works deep inside the cortex of the hair creating strong, healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Should I colour my hair before or after an ADVANTAGE treatment?
    With the new ADVANTAGE treatment colour can now be applied directly after a Kebelo System. As the foundation on which colour lays is smoother, the colour becomes more impactful. You will experience colour like never before.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    The treatment will last for up to 100 days. That is 100 days of hassle-free, frizz-free beautiful hair.
  • Is the ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment going to make my hair straight?
    Kebelo ADVANTAGE is a hair smoothing system that will smoothen and de-frizz the hair. It is not a hair straightener. It will transform tight curls to loose curls, loose curls to a beautiful wave and a wave to straight.
  • How long does ADVANTAGE take to apply?
    With the new ADVANTAGE treatment the treatment can be completed from 1 hour. Depending on hair type and length the timings can vary between 1 – 1½ hour.
  • Is ADVANTAGE right for me?
    If you have damaged, un-manageable or frizzy hair, then yes, this is for you. Every person’s hair is unique so a consultation is held with each client before the treatment to ensure that the right results are achieved.
  • What results should I expect from ADVANTAGE?
    The expected results are beautifully shiny, conditioned, frizz-free, easy-to-manage hair.
  • What is the Kebelo ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment?
    Kebelo ADVANTAGE smoothing system is a three step professional smoothing system. Formulated with the latest Carbocysteine and Dispersion Technology, infused with botanical proteins and amino acids, ADVANTAGE is the most advanced formula available. The carbocysteine strengthens, repairs and revitalises each strand from deep within. Whilst the botanical proteins seal and replenish each cuticle. Completed from 1 hour, hair is left smooth, shiny, frizz-free and easy to manage for 100 days. While other treatments can take up to three days to take full effect, Kebelo ADVANTAGE is completed in one single salon session, from just 1 hour. Leaving you to stand out the moment you step out of the salon.


  • Why are Parabens controversial?
    According to certain studies, these chemicals (which include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, among others) may harm human health by contributing to the development of cancerous tumours.
  • Are your products Paraben and SLS free?
    Yes, all our products are Paraben and SLS free, several of the ranges are also completely free from all Sulphates.
  • Do you test your products on animals?
    No, we do not test any our ingredients or products on animals.


  • How can I find a salon that offers the ADVANTAGE treatment and stocks the Kebelo ranges?
    From July 2014 you will be able to use the NEW salon finder. For now please enquire at customerservice@kebelo.com or call 029 2132 0101.