Frizz Free with SILK

Silk in Sand

Frizz Free with SILK –

For many of us, days on the beach mean scoring zero in the style awards. Of course, we’d all love to stride out of the sea, like a glamazon – every hair in place, limbs glistening, stunning from head to toe. But the reality for most of us is often far from this scene. In truth, hair is tangled, dried-out and salt-damaged. Not a pretty sight. But we have the perfect solution in one little bottle of Kebelo SILK. Apart from being the most advanced three-day anti-frizz product, Kebelo SILK has many additional benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used on wet hair, after shampooing. You simply apply SILK through your hair and then blow-dry. Hair is left smooth, shiny and feels weightless. For a really knock-out, glossy effect, you can also use the product on dry hair before using flat irons. What’s more, for an extra boost, you can also apply SILK when on the beach, or laying by the pool. SILK has a unique blend of hydrolyzed keratin, organic quinoa protein, argan and jojoba oils that deeply penetrate to repair, protect and improve the hair’s condition, shine and finish. It even has colour-lock technology and, with the most advanced cationic conditioners, it protects hair from all the elements and heat damage. Now that’s what we call one summer to remember.