10 Tips for Healthy Hair this summer

Top Ten Tips for Healthy Summer Hair


Get a Haircut

The first of the 10 Tips for Healthy Hair this summer, get yourself a haircut to suit the season. If you are like me and are worried about losing your precious hair that you have been growing out for so long, then no need to be drastic about the cut, but just get a trim instead. The sun can be great for your hair and summer is the time when your hair will grow the fastest, but it can also do a lot of damage too. Make sure all of your dead ends are cut off before you head out in the summer and probably aim to get a mid-season cut too. You might want to try “dusting” too if you are feeling confident – this is a technique where such a small snippet of your ends are taken off that they float through the air like dust! This can be done regularly, as and when is needed, to ensure that your hair always has great ends.

Thicker hair causes the most problems in the summer as it can easily go frizzy. This usually happens when the hair is dry or has dead ends so it is especially important to keep your hair trimmed if you have thicker hair. It might be a nice idea to get your hairdresser to thin your hair out for the summer. It will be easier to maintain.



Cut down on the heat

If you are the type who likes to blowdry your hair after each wash and then run the straighteners through them and then style with curling tongs every so often, the summer might be the time to cut down on this! Your hair does not need any excess heat. Beach hair is perfect when natural so try to refrain from the heat styling. If you do need to use a hairdryer, try to use a nozzle.



Brush carefully

Even though the summer is the perfect time to leave your hair natural, you still need to look after it and brushing through it carefully is a good way to ensure it is always untangled. However, brushes can be too harsh on hair, especially when wet, so refrain from using a brush when you come out of the pool. Even when dry, try to use a wide-toothed comb to run through your hair instead of a normal brush; you will be surprised at the results!



Careful of Pool time

I know that there isn’t like a good dip in the pool in the sunshine, but please think of your hair before you go in. A nice idea is to dampen your hair or put some leave-in conditioner in before you go for a swim. This provides an extra layer of coating on the hair meaning that it will be less likely to absorb all of the chlorine. Also, limit your time in the pool as your hair will need a rest!

On leaving the pool, make sure you rinse your hair out thoroughly – many people underestimate how important it is to do this. If there isn’t a shower nearby, keep a bottle of fresh water with you to rinse your hair off with.



Choose your hairstyle carefully

Due to the heat, we may be wearing our hair up more often and tying the hair back without a parting can be good so that our scalp is not exposed to the sun, but it can also be damaging to the hair due to the stress on the strands. Before going into a pool, remove all items from the hair and just let it hang loose. Pulling hair back in a ponytail too tight can be damaging and this is accentuated when the hair is wet. A good idea may also be to alternate types of updos so that you don’t stress the same strands every day. Sometimes a nice low fishtail braid can be a way of making your hair relax.




There are plenty of treatments you can get for your hair to help strengthen and smooth the hair and keep it looking in better condition. We recommend our ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment that just takes 1 hour to do. It consists of three simple steps; cleanse, treat and maintain. It contains ingredients that will help turn weak and frizzy hair into gorgeously smooth healthy locks.

The best thing about the treatment is that it lasts 100 days; that’s enough to take you through the whole summer and into Autumn!




We all know about sunscreen and stock up on that for our body, but our hair needs the same kind of care! With our SILK range, you can do just that! The anti-frizz cream in particular contains keratin – the protein that we need for our hair, as well as argan and jojoba oils, thereby revitalising the hair whilst leaving it incredibly shiny. On top of this, it contains a heat protector, which is great especially for those with coloured hair as the sun can oxidise coloured hair and leave it dry and fried. With the SILK cream, your hair will be protected and you will boast that silky shine.



Wear cute headgear

OK, so you don’t want hat hair and you need something to go with your look – it’s not easy! Many opt for straw hats but the sun can get through these. Baseball caps are good protectors, but let’s face it, they often don’t go with your outfit. You can even go for scarves if you can pull off that look. But if you can find something to cover your hair from the rays, then it is advisable to wear it when you are out roaming the sunny streets.



Essential oils

Make sure you get your hands on some anti-frizz serum if you have frizz prone hair or some essential oils. Careful if you have naturally fine hair as too much oil can leave your hair feeling heavy. Sometimes, these essential oils even work as well on the face as they do on the hair!



Sleep easy on your hair

Hair can really be damaged during sleep due to the stress of all the tangling and moving about. An idea is to throw your hair forward and then tie into a pineapple style and sleep that way. The hair will be out of the way of your usual tossing and turning patterns. If you have naturally dry hair, try sleeping on a silk pillow as this will help the hair absorb some of the moisture.


Sabrina Chevannes Guest Blog Post