Choose the right products for your hair

Quality, Quality, Quality and a Happy New Year

The holiday season has finally arrived and with it an overflow of parties, festivities and other swanky-do’s – putting wardrobe, hair and makeup very much centre stage (the turkey and presents can take a backseat for now).

This shimmering and glamorous season can be gruelling on your tresses, but do not fear, over the next few weeks,  I am going to share a few tips that will take your hair into the new year healthier than ever.

Let’s start with the fundamentals; choose the right products for your hair and remember that ingredients is what it’s all about. If a product claims you’ll get ‘the appearance of (fill in the blank) ‘ – RUN AWAY and never look back. It is a marketing loophole which translates to – “merry christmas we are giving you a knock off Burberry bag, I know it looks like the real thing, but it will fall apart in a week and the fake leather strap will give you a rash if placed directly on your shoulder.” No no, you deserve more than ‘the appearance of’, your locks deserve the real deal.

After many seasons settling for the ‘the appearance of’, I now use the SILK range by Kebelo. Both SLS and Paraben free, it has none of the nasties, but is packed with quality ingredients like quinoa, argan, jojoba and keratin.  Since I switched, my hair has completely transformed – it’s smoother, healthier and the battle of the frizz has been won. No more fake bags for me.

So hair tip number one for this season is; ingredients is everything. Choose your products like you would a partner – quality and genuine over cheap and fake.

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