The bond between you and your stylist

The bond between you and your stylist

Putting your hair in someone else’s hands can be one of the scariest things in the entire world. As we all know, hair is the root of all beauty, so we certainly don’t want that beauty to be ruined by a selfish stylist who wants to experiment on us making our poor locks the victim.

Do you remember how it feels finding a new stylist and wondering if they’re going to understand your hair or fretting over how brutal they are going to be with the cut? It’s nerve-wracking! I like most have had a fair amount of trust issues through the years. From my early teens I started having styling disasters and I am surprised I have managed to brave my way back into a salon.

That very first session with a new stylist feels somewhat like an awkward first date; you don’t really know each other yet and so not really sure what to talk about so the awful small talk starts in the hope you find some common ground. However, it’s worse than a first date as you are squirming with every move they make whilst looking at your reflection to make sure they don’t completely mess you up.

The quest for a stylist you trust can be a long one, but when you’ve found “THE ONE”, you just know it. It’s like ‘trust’ at first sight. Your perfect stylist cares about both YOU and your hair. A quality and professional stylist will not just blindly copy a hairstyle you like in a magazine or give you the latest celebrity look if it doesn’t suit you. They will ensure that you leave feeling absolutely fabulous as well as looking great.

However, we know that this bond is sacred, but can there be too much trust? Some of my friends have had a few bizarre encounters where they have come back from the salon with a disaster and I have asked them why they didn’t go back and get it corrected. Their answer was something along the lines of: “in case that they don’t want me as a client anymore”. Errm what?! That is crazy! If you are more worried about losing them then they are of losing you, you are in a bad relationship and you need to break up with them immediately, they are not THE ONE!

Also ladies, if you are going to invest in your look and visit the salon every 6 weeks, and if you are in a healthy stylists relationship, they would make damn sure that you only use quality products on your tresses, keeping your locks far away from nasty ingredients which strip and damage.

So don’t be blinded by the great conversation and the fancy decor. Your stylist is the only true love you will ever need in life, so don’t compromise and don’t settle, until you have found THE ONE!