Hair Smoothing Makeover



What I wouldn’t give for an on-hand hair stylist. Someone who pops up, comb at the ready, to fix those flops, frizzes and frantic hair days. But, as the Hollywood Hills have not yet called me to join the perfectly groomed A-lister set, this has frankly been a pipe dream. Then my Kebelo invite arrived…

One trick pony

“Ever since I can remember, my hair has been frizzy and difficult to manage. As a result, I’ve had one consistent hairstyle that I’ve resorted to in times of trouble: the ponytail.  Yes, I have attempted new styles. And, yes, I’m always optimistic that they’ll work. For the first few hours after leaving the salon, all has been well. Then the frizz would creep back in and my perfectly styled hair would revert to an uncontrollable mess. I’ve long since given up the aspiration of getting ‘head-turning’ hair and so I’ve basically stuck to the same safe mid-length cut that can be pulled back and which is totally uninspiring.

Too good to be true?

“I first heard of Kebelo ADVANTAGE through a friend, and like many hair products and in-salon treatments, it sounded too good to be true. A treatment that would give me silky-smooth locks and make my hair easy to manage? A product that would give me the freedom to be creative and get the style I really wanted? Really?

I should be so lucky. And I was

“I was eager to try it out, so when I was offered an ADVANTAGE makeover I couldn’t believe my luck. The application of the treatment could not have been easier, taking a little less than an hour from start to finish. My hair was incredibly shiny and soft and I was already on top of the world. But it didn’t stop there. “Once the hair smoothing treatment was finished we decided that I should go a darker shade of brown, a colour that would truly fit the hairstyle that was to come. The result was the shiniest, purest colour I’ve ever seen.

Spiced up my life

“I was asked what my dream style would be and I mentioned that I’ve always loved Victoria Beckham’s defined, sharp bob. I’ve never been able to consider anything like this before, as my hair would never have kept the shape. But, with renewed confidence, that’s what I requested. And I am thrilled to say that not only did I leave the salon with the cut of my dreams, but it’s what I still have now, with no frizz in sight! Kebelo ADVANTAGE definitely worked its magic. Forget Wannabe, it’s the real thing!”




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