Summer hair colours


All good stylists know that a perfect mane starts with glossy, cared-for hair.

Whether you’re looking to add a few summery highlights or go for an all-over colour, the results will always be better if you’ve treated your tresses to and ADVANTAGE smoothing treatment beforehand. Its carbocysteine technology helps to tame the hair, filling out damaged or uneven strands and providing a smoother surface for your colour to cling to. With the perfect base, your colour can shine brighter… and last longer. Check out the hottest summer hair colours this season.

Kate Winslet’s colour is a masterclass in blonde. A mid-blonde base colour is complemented by lighter tones on top and her soft-waves give an English Rose effect.


Leona Lewis’ stunning, poker-straight locks are a combination of fabulous shades. Good conditioning has ensured her hair shines with health and has taken the applied colours really well.


Holly Willoughby’s knockout blonde locks, styled in Hollywood waves, are pure old-school glamour and suit her so well. This style permits a little regrowth – it adds edge to a classic look.


The Duchess of Cambridge’s glossy mane is fast-becoming her trademark, admired worldwide for its tip-top condition. A few super-subtle tonal changes add depth and lift to her colour.


Cheryl’s tousled ‘do is a mixture of gorgeous shades, blended beautifully. Subtle highlights gently lift her overall colour to create a natural-looking result.