Complete makeover



A Kebelo makeover stops the clock and makes one lady feel like a teenager again …

So there I was, sitting in my hairdressers waiting for my appointment. I’d managed to squeeze it in between leaving work, picking up the kids and shuttling them off to their various after-school activities. Like always, I was anxiously clock-watching. It was then that I spotted the Kebelo magazine and saw the competition to win a complete makeover. ‘What have I got to lose?’ I thought. ‘I deserve a treat.’ And entered. I forgot all about it, of course, until surprise, surprise, I received my invite to be ‘made-over’ and ‘made up.

’I was. “Like many working mums, I’m really busy. I am what others might describe as a person who knows how to fill their day, I have very little time to spend on my hair, which I happen to have a lot of. It is unbelievably thick, which isn’t necessarily a good thing as it needs a lot of time spent on it to look half-way decent. And that’s one thing I am short on. “I had a full consultation and was asked what my dream style would be. I wanted something youthful and something that required the minimum of fuss, because of my hectic lifestyle. “With unruly and unmanageable hair, I can never achieve anything like the look I get after visiting a salon. I thought that the prospect of actually having a style which made me feel rejuvenated all sounded too good to be true.

“My treatment started off with the Kebelo Advantage, which took about an hour. When I first felt my hair, which normally feels like coarse hay, I was already in nirvana. It was extremely soft and I couldn’t believe how the texture had been completely transformed.

“Then came the cut. As the feel of my hair had changed, it fell differently, which meant that I could have gorgeous layers cut into my hair (something I’d always lusted after) before adding subtle highlights which accentuated my new style. It was then finished off with a softer brown all-over colour. The whole effect made me feel and look so young. I hadn’t felt like this since I was a teenager. “The entire day was such a wonderful experience, but yet, the best was yet to come. I wanted stylish hair that I could easily manage, and that is what I got. Over the following days, my hair remained ‘salon-styled’. It put a spring in my step again, not to mention a bounce in my hair.